Tsukada Global Holdings and its subsidiaries (hereinafter the "Group" or "we"; please follow the link below) recognize the importance of the personal information collected and handled by the Group and handle it carefully. We also implement the following initiatives and responsibly protect personal information to provide better services and products.

  • * Subsidiaries
  • * At the following hotels, the privacy policy set out by the hotel operator and published on the website of each hotel respectively is applied, irrespective of the content of this Privacy Policy.
    Please visit the website of each hotel for more details.
    • InterContinental Tokyo Bay
    • The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo
    • Kimpton Shinjuku Tokyo
  • * The following privacy policy applies to personal information that customers executing contracts with and receiving wedding services from Best Bridal Hawaii, Inc. provide to Best Bridal Hawaii, Inc. and is handled thereby (however, personal information that is provided by Best Bridal Hawaii, Inc. to the Group in accordance with 5. below is handled by the Group in compliance with this Privacy Policy).
1.Compliance with Laws and Regulations
The Group complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (Act No. 57 of 2003; hereinafter the "Personal Information Protection Act") and other relevant laws, regulations and guidelines.
2.Collection of Personal Information
When collecting personal information, we set out and make the purposes of use known to data subjects in advance and we also collect the information in an appropriate manner. Further, except in cases permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act, we will not use the collected personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use described below without first obtaining the consent of the data subject, and will endeavor to erase such information without delay after achievement of the purposes of use.
3.Purposes of Use of Personal Information
The Group uses personal information for the following purposes. If we need to use personal information beyond the following purposes of use, except in cases permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act, we will notify data subjects to this effect and obtain their consent in advance.
(1)Personal information about customers
  1. (i)For booking procedures and the provision and delivery of products and services within the Group's businesses (wedding business, hotel business, wellness & relaxation business)
  2. (ii)For personal identification (including biometrics) on member registration or login to access the services provided by the Group, and for the operation and provision of such services
  3. (iii)For communication (including but not limited to emailing and SNS communication) about the Group's businesses, products and services for sales promotion activities or other purposes
  4. (iv)For the implementation of questionnaire surveys about the Group's businesses, products and services
  5. (v)For the provision of information about fairs, events and other promotions
  6. (vi)For proposals concerning the products and services of other companies introduced by the Group and for intermediation in the submission of requests or the conclusion of contracts
  7. (vii)For the research and analysis of usage of and satisfaction with the Group's products and services, marketing, the development of new products and services, quality improvement of the products and services, and the creation of statistical data for each of these purposes respectively
  8. (viii)For investigating, reporting and making contact in the event of a security incident, other incident, accident or other mishap in connection with the Group's business
(2)Personal information about shareholders
  1. (i)For the exercise of rights and the performance of obligations in accordance with laws and regulations
  2. (ii)For the provision of various benefits and perks to shareholders
  3. (iii)For the implementation of various shareholder measures
  4. (iv)For shareholder management of in accordance with laws and regulations
(3)Personal information about the officers and employees of our business partners
  1. (i)For communication necessary for business
  2. (ii)For the management of various types of information (including but not limited to information relating to billing and payment) about business partners
(4)Personal information about job applicants
  1. (i)For the recruitment and selection of officers and employees of the Group
  2. (ii)For the provision and communication of recruitment information and other information to job applicants
  3. (iii)For use necessary for the Group's recruitment operations
(5)Personal information about employees and retired employees
  1. (i)For the management of personnel and labor affairs (including but not limited to business communication, various procedures required by law, payment of compensation, provision of welfare benefits, personnel evaluation and other procedures related to personnel changes, the provision of education and training opportunities, and health management)
  2. (ii)For responding to survey requests from other companies
4.Restriction on Third Party Provision
Except in cases permitted by the Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant laws and regulations, the Group will not provide or disclose personal information to third parties without the data subject's prior consent.
5.Sharing of personal data within the Group
Collected personal information may be shared within the Group to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use specified in 3. above
(1)Details of the personal information to be shared
Name, address, company name, telephone number, email address, credit card information, flight information, and other information necessary for the provision of services
(2)Scope of companies sharing information
  1. (i)Tsukada Global Holdings Inc.
  2. (ii)Best Bridal, Inc.
  3. (iii)Best Planning Inc.
  4. (iv)Best-Anniversary Inc.
  5. (v)Best Hospitality Network Corporation
  6. (vi)Best Global, Inc.
  7. (vii)Best Life Style, Inc.
  8. (viii)Best Herbs, Inc.
  9. (ix)RAJA, Inc.
  10. (x)LIFE CREATE BANK Inc.
  11. (xi)BEST BRIDAL HAWAII, Inc.
  12. (xii)PT.Tirtha Bridal
  13. (xiii)Other subsidiaries
Please follow the link below for details of addresses and names of representatives of the above subsidiaries and the other subsidiaries at (xiv) above.
(3)Purposes of use of companies sharing information
As stated in 3 above.
(4)Person responsible for the management of personal information
Masayuki Tsukada, President and Representative Director
Tsukada Global Holdings Inc.
1-16-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022
6.Use of Cookies
The Group uses cookies on its website (hereinafter, the "Website") for the following purposes. We may also use behavior data collected through third-party cookies, advertising identifiers and other technology used on other websites and in third-party-media, in order to deliver advertising.
  1. (i)To identify the devices of customers visiting our website and to enhance user convenience, including facilitating the entry of information
  2. (ii)To improve our website by monitoring usage
7.Use of Google Analytics
The Group uses Google Analytics for the purpose of improving its services. Google may collect and process data as a result of our use of Google Analytics.
For more details, please follow the link below.
8.Efforts to Ensure Accuracy
The Group takes appropriate measures to keep personal information accurate and up to date within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use of such personal information.
9.Safety Management Measures
The Group strictly manages personal information, and takes the following measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage and other incidents, and to keep the information safe.
(1)Formulation of basic policy
We have prepared this Privacy Policy and other internal rules and a manual on the handling of personal data (hereinafter the "Internal Manual, etc.") covering matters such as compliance with relevant laws, regulations and guidelines, matters relating to safety management measures, and the point of contact for questions and complaints, to ensure the appropriate handling of personal data.
(2)Development of rules on the handling of personal data
We have produced an Internal Manual etc., setting out matters such as collection methods, the person responsible and managers and their responsibilities, at every stage of the process, from collection, use, storage and provision to deletion and destruction.
(3)Systematic security measures
We have established a person responsible for the handling of personal data and we have also clarified the employees who handle personal data, their roles and the scope of personal data handled by these employees, and developed a system for reporting to and liaising with the person responsible in the event of discovery of an actual or suspected breach of laws, regulations or the Internal Manual, etc. or in the event of the discovery of an actual or suspected personal data leak or other incident.
(4)Human security measures
We regularly provide training to employees on matters to be considered when handling personal data and require employees to submit an oath concerning the non-disclosure of personal data.
(5)Physical security measures
We take steps to prevent the theft, loss, etc. of equipment, electronic media, documents, etc. that contain personal data. Moreover, when carrying such equipment, electronic media, etc. inside offices and between offices and other locations, measures are taken to ensure that personal data cannot be easily accessed.
(6)Technological security measures
We have adopted various defenses to protect information systems containing personal data from being hacked or infected by malware.
(7)Assessment of external environment
We implement necessary and appropriate measures for the safe management of personal data based on an understanding of the systems used to protect personal data.
10.Internal Training
The Group conducts training for employees (including but not limited to officers, employees and temporary staff) on the protection of personal information, and disseminate the contents of the training within the Group.
11.Supervision of Contractors
When using personal information, the Group may commission a third party to wholly or partly handle personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use. In this case, we will obligate and supervise contractors to strictly manage personal information.
12.Disclosure, Correction, etc. of Personal Information
If you would like to submit a request for the confirmation, disclosure, correction, addition, deletion, suspension of use or erasure of personal data entrusted to the Group or to make a complaint related thereto, please contact one of the email addresses from (i) to (iii) below depending on the party to which you provided your personal information. We will swiftly respond to the extent reasonable and necessary.
Please note that we will disclose information about the content of your enquiry to the respective subsidiary and may ask the subsidiary concerned to deal with your request.
  1. (i)Personal information entrusted to Best Bridal Inc.
  2. (ii)Personal information entrusted to Best-Anniversary Inc.
  3. (iii)Personal information entrusted to Tsukada Global Holdings Inc. or a subsidiary other than (i) and (ii) above
13.Continuous Review of Internal Framework for the Protection of Personal Information
The Group continuously reviews and seeks to improve its rules on the handling of personal information and the organizational framework for implementing them to ensure that effective and appropriate operations are sustainably implemented.
14.Amendments to the Privacy Policy
The Group may amend its privacy policy without notice due to the revision or abolition of laws and regulations or other reasons.
Business operator handling personal information of Tsukada Global Holdings Group
Masayuki Tsukada, President and Representative Director
Tsukada Global Holdings Inc.
1-16-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0022