Our Group provides a comprehensive bridal service, directly managing a number of “guest house wedding” facilities in Japan and overseas. We leverage our specialized expertise to create facilities providing high quality and an authentic atmosphere. Our service enables customers to freely combine items from our wide array of products for each type of ceremony to create diverse scenes for original weddings and banquets.

We promote our attractive offering of guest house weddings to potential customers through wedding information magazines and other media.
Our high-quality service and the superb designs of our guest houses and hotels in Japan and chapels overseas are of tremendous appeal to our customers, a large number of whom have their own individual dreams and values and a strong willingness to purchase services.
Consequently, we have a very high closure rate, and a high operating rate at our facilities.

Business in JAPAN

As of the end of December 2012, we operate 63 guest houses providing unsurpassed quality and authenticity, including twelve in the Tokyo metropolitan area and eight in Osaka, Sendai, Nagoya and Kyoto. We are unique in offering a number of guest houses in a single site, making it possible for our superior range of products and services to meet a wider range of customer preferences and needs, and provide a higher level of profitability and customer appeal.

Our staff has considerable expertise and operational acumen concerning weddings and banquets, enabling them to provide customers with a versatile, superior quality value-added service.

The Group took over total management of Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay in January 2011.
Going forward, we will utilize our extensive expertise and talented staff to make it a highly profitable hotel focusing on bridal services, with the aim of establishing it as a key facility in central Tokyo in the future.

Best Planning Inc., a consolidated subsidiary, primarily handles food, drinks and services at banquets, consolidated subsidiary ACQUA GRAZIE, provides such services as designing, producing, and hire of bridal costumes, while Hospitality Network Corporation, also a consolidated subsidiary, manages and operates Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay.

Business Oversea

We provide an overseas wedding service,
primarily aimed at Japanese marriages overseas, on the islands of Hawaii in the United States and Bali in indonesia. At the same time, we have somewhat successfully been devoting some of our energies into providing a range of destination weddings for foreign nationals, and expect a significant increase in the number of customers from Asia in the medium term. As of the end of December 2011, our operation consists of five salons (four in Japan, and one directly-owned in Hawaii) together with six chapels in Hawaii (four directly-managed and two with exclusive usage rights.) We also have two wedding facilities in Bali, Indonesia.

One of the outstanding features of our business is that we offer a comprehensive service from overseas travel arrangements to wedding and banquet facilities, and this makes for a highly profitable enterprise.

Achieving high operating rates through guest houses that enable the "creation of diverse wedding scenes”

Achieving high operating through guest houses to “create diverse wedding scenes”