Future business strategy
Amid a declining birthrate, our Group plans to rebuild our guesthouse wedding operational base while revitalizing existing outlets and improving profitability. In so doing, we aim to build a business structure able to provide sustainable and stable growth, and embark on a new business strategy.

Domestic Business Strategy

1). Strengthen our quest to be the best in the area

i. Aim to enhance customer satisaction by leveraging our economies of scale and continuing to provide high quality, versatile services in response to the wide-ranging needs of our customers.
ii. Enhance our restaurant business
iii. Strengthen our banquet business

2). Bolster hotel business

Enhance earnings power of Hotel InterContinental Tokyo Bay

3). Strengthen bridal production business

Strive to stimulate potential demand through Rakukon, a new style of wedding.

Overseas Business Strategy

1)Channel management resources into Hawaii and Bali, where market growth is expected

Establish a profit base in response to diversifying wedding needs (Hotel chapels, cathedrals, guest house weddings, etc.)

2)Continue to actively promote destination weddings for foreign nationals

3)Strenghten strategy for Asian markets

Note: For further information, please see our IR library, results briefing materials and pages 16 to 21 of the supplementary materials to the results briefing (aimed at investors from financial institutions and analysts) for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2011.

Guest House Evolution

Rather than relying on past successes and constructing identical guest houses, we continuously research current needs and fashion trends in a concerted effort to create sites that evolve with the times and achieve maximum operating rates.

We renovate our existing guest houses so as to keep them as new from both an architectural and design perspective, in an effort to maintain customer appeal and facility operating rates. One strength of the Group is that planning for new guest house construction and renovation of existing facilities is handled by our in-house staff.

Evolution in Products and retail strategies

In addition to our guest houses, we are also steadily upgrading the services they provide.
Our marketing team carefully studies customer comments, proposals from the front line and trend analyses, developing and refining products and services.

To ensure these products and services have maximum appeal, marketing personnel meet with business office staff in planning meetings to design and produce advertisements incorporating a large number of photographs, which are placed in major wedding information media.

Potential customers are given the opportunity to tour existing facilities and draw inspiration from the suroundings.

Our sales staff applies its considerable knowledge and experience to propose “new lifestyle weddings,” and guides customers to successful closure by providing a sense of trustworthiness and satisfaction.

The Group has established a training system designed to improve the service proposal performance of employees, and we are working to further develop the skills of all of our personnel.