Expanding International Presence, Pursuing New Challenges
Aspiring to Offer the World’s Greatest Hospitality while Evolving with the Times

The Company, since our establishment of Japan’s first “guest house wedding” facility in 1998, have grown by deftly responding to changes and capitalizing its strength as a market creator.

We vigorously opened wedding venues primarily in the three metropolitan areas of Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya; included in our business portfolio the direct management of wedding attire, beauty, photography, and videography services; carried out wedding production (rakukon family wedding services), contracted wedding, and hotel management business; and expanded to overseas. I believe that our corporate culture of taking on challenges in an undaunted manner, which remains unchanged even with our listing on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, is a core competence of the Company.

In July 2014, we adopted a holding company system under Tsukada Global Holdings Inc., and Best Bridal Inc. became a subsidiary responsible for the wedding business. This reconfiguration marks the start of our new challenge, namely, expanding the scope of our business by capitalizing on expertise cultivated through development of wedding facilities, and signifies our entering into a new phase of growth in our quest to become a company with the World’s greatest level of hospitality through offering pleasurable time and space and providing to customers memorable moments.

We opened our first hotel, Sir Winston Hotel in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture in 2007, and now operate two additional hotels in Tokyo: InterContinental Tokyo Bay in Takeshiba and The Strings by InterContinental Tokyo. Remarkable growth could be seen in our hotel business in that its annual revenues has grown to exceed 10.0 billion yen.

We are accelerating business expansion, with the launch in September 2014 of the Wellness & Relaxation business by making FAJA Co., Ltd., the operator of a chain of Queensway British-style reflexology salons, into a subsidiary, and the scheduled launch in the winter of 2015 of a new style of spa adjacent to our wedding venue in Omiya, Saitama Prefecture.

The Company will move forward under a united goal to “connect people through precious moments and contribute to an affluent society full of joy and happiness,” and continue to enrich society by linking the hearts of people through the medium of our professional, unforgettable and heart-moving hospitality.
Your continued support and understanding will be greatly appreciated.

代表取締役社長 塚田 正由記